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Project Artisan For Ethical Luxury

While taking a recent trip, I was fortunate to catch up with Nashville based designer – Melissa Tabor.  One of Scene of Styles favorites, Melissa was – at that time – in the process of setting up to trade at  – a virtual platform for ethically responsible designers to profile and sell their latest designs. In the words of founder, Robin Keyser, “Project Artisan was founded to promote designers whose unique creations can be described as products of ethical luxury”. This collective of designers is really worth a second glance if you are a fan of unique clothes and accessories yet consciously seek out ethically produced garments. The other great thing about this website is that you can communicate with the designer direct with any questions about your purchase or to maybe request a slight deviation from the original design – say a slight lengthen of a hem or sleeve. Check out SOS’s fav pieces and if you like what you see then subscribe to Project Artisan’s website to receive information on new arrivals.

Steven Oo - Black draped cardigan $2650

Melissa Tabor Strapless Dress $375

Vanport Outfitters - Tan Pettygrove Satchel $458

Manic Trout - Astrilde Mermaid Parade Neclklace $240

Heidi Merrick - Salon Dress $352

















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