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Inspirational Style – Jennifer Jesse Smith

C.A.Smith is wearing a jacket from her own line ‘A Taos Style’ buckskin leather jacket with sterling silver buttons and a buckskin ladies split riding skirt designed from the original pattern from Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Also Jennifer Jesse Smiths Sterling ‘Hand’ Earrings. She is holding a 1875 Remington 45 pistol.

This ‘Inspirational style’ focus is on Emmy Award winning costume designer, artist and historian of the American West – Cathy A. Smith – mother and style inspiration to one of Scene of Styles favorite jewelry designers, Jennifer Jesse Smith.

A designer of couture-worthy western wear, Cathy Smith is often sourced for her extensive knowledge of all things Native Indian. “This is not frivolous style” is a sentiment often heard from Smith who, like most master craftsman, has little time for poor imitation or those trying to make a quick buck at the expense of authenticity. While fashion designers continue to manufacture their own interpretations of native and western style, it is to Cathy Smith that those seeking the true and authentic go.

Multifaceted and talented in many genres, you will be most familiar with Cathy A.Smiths work on motion pictures, Dances With Wolves and ‘Son of The Morning Star’ for which she won an Emmy for Costume Design. These are by no means the extent of her big screen achievements – she designed costumes and advised on numerous film sets and t.v. shows requiring accurate historical relevance – Comanche Moon, Legends of The Fall and Geronimo to name but a few.

Jennifer Jesse Smith is wearing a hat picked from her mothers “wardrobe’ collection of movie costumes, her own design Hibiscus chain earrings and a vintage velvet jacket from Neiman Marcus.

I am not far off the mark when I say, Cathy’s most proud achievement is her daughter, jewelry designer, Jennifer Jesse Smith. Jennifer has inherited not only her mothers beauty, but also a desire for the unique and authentic. Her jewelry designs are testament to the native indian culture in which she was raised, yet it is a deep-rooted desire that her designs reflect the truth of a historical fact or native symbolism that is so evident of her mother’s influence.

As for  Jennifers love of unique quality style – “My Mom proved you can still have high-end couture and keep your integrity with historical accuracy – not a feat easily achieved; but at the same time these are garments that stand the test of time. That’s why we love vintage so much because they were well made with the best materials of the time period”  Read Cathy A. Smith by Jennifer Jesse Smith at

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4 comments on “Inspirational Style – Jennifer Jesse Smith

  1. What inspiration and talent!!!! I loved reading this, the admiration that Jennifer has for her mother is heartfelt and sincere!……….The tip on Vintage is valuable and holds true!!!…… Another great and informative feature!!

  2. Dear Lady Christine Lockhart ! What a lovely feature ~ I’m very fond and proud of it .

    You get it right, real and true!

    As the Great Yves Saint Laurent said~ ” Fashions fade, STYLE is eternal ” !

    Thank you from the heart & soul of ~ JJ Smith and CA SMITH ~

    • So glad everyone is enjoying reading this as much as I did writing it. ‘ Style is putting our own signature on things and the we live’……….read more about Cathy A.Smith at – she sure is one interesting lady!

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