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Investment Style on Sale!

Statistically the average woman in the UK throws away £10,000 (approx $16000) worth of clothes bought but never worn and I would hazard a bet that most of those clothes were purchased in a sale.  Sales make us throw caution to the wind, encourage us to buy more than we need, indeed entice us to buy items that normally we would not entertain.  This begs the question – what should you look for when seeking out a bargain?!

First and foremost I always sale shop my favorite stores – during the season I have become familiar with the stock so can often find great deals on items that were previously beyond my budget.  Another rule I try to adhere to is longevity – i.e if the garment(s) in question is a trend piece I would reconsider.  So what is worth a second look in a sale? Coats in neutral colors, tailored jackets, perhaps a knit dress or black knee-high boots are pieces I seek out during sale time – all key elements which will enhance my closet hopefully becoming a favorite staple made all the more sweet because it was found on sale.! Tip: Make friends with one of the sale associates at your fav style haunt – they will be only too happy to advise you when your seasonal lust has gone on sale!

Ralph Lauren Knit Dress, Miu Miu Cape and Michael Kors Boots = Investment!

A camel coat never dates. Leopard is the eternal print and brown suede is timeless!

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