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Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The C-Word!

The C Word - Staring Sheridan Smith and Paul Nicholls

The C Word – Staring Sheridan Smith and Paul Nicholls

Breast Cancer Awareness is very much in focus throughout October and I for one have taken note and just had my annual mammogram. For those who have not yet experienced this procedure let me reassure you; it is one of the least invasive medical tests and takes literally minutes to perform. Even in the worst case scenario of a breast cancer diagnosis the mammogram is key to early detection thus minimizing the chance for cancer to spread.

While back in the UK in May I was fortunate to catch the BBC adaptation of The C-Word; a true story about 28 year old Lisa Lynch, a British magazine editor, who began writing her blog when diagnosed with Breast Cancer. is written with the type of self depreciating humor and brutal honesty we Brits are known for when faced with adversity. Sadly Lisa succumbed to her illness in March 2013 by which time she had amassed thousands of blog readers and her book – The C Word – had been published.

The BBC drama of the C-Word aired stateside this week in California and will, beyond doubt, get picked up by other channels. Starring the brilliantly talented, Sheridan Smith, I urge you to seek it out. One of the best, if not the best, tv drama I have seen all year and an amazing testament to this brave women’s fight against cancer and her zest for life in spite of it. continues with guest editorials from Lisa’s friends and her equally hilarious brother fondly known as “arseface”! Check it out…….I defy you to not shed a tear while smiling at the same time!  The C-word available here.



Chris GrandmotherIn memory of my paternal Grandmother, Alice Wood, who underwent a double mastectomy but died of breast cancer in the 1950’s

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