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Sartorial Simplicity!

Emmanuelle Alt - understated style

Emmanuelle Alt – understated style!

For a long time now, I have felt a little disenfranchised with the world of fashion. This incessant need for 24/7 sartorial imagery promoting, what is for most of us, unachievable perfection both in body image and beauty is having the reverse effect. I continue with the same beauty routine I adopted 20 odd years ago and understand my body sufficiently to know that at 51 I can no longer wear skirts above the knee or wander round with a crop top and leggings. Nor am I about to let the latest instagram princess convince me otherwise!

For me style is about understanding an ever changing body shape, acknowledgement of your lifestyle and dressing accordingly. I love couture as much as the next girl but its no longer practical for my life or pocketbook. Neither is wobbling about on 5″ Louboutins! No…….its about choosing select pieces such as a well-tailored white shirt or a fine cashmere sweater. A pair of Italian loafers – think Salvatore Ferragamo saba’s –  will add instant class to the most dress down of looks as will an investment time piece.

I recently watched the Vogue France Editor-in-chief, Emmanuelle Alt, give an insightful interview with style blogger, artist and writer, Garance Doré which rather restored my faith that perhaps a grass-roots backlash is taking place against the overdone fashion saturating social media.  As a fashion editor for one of the worlds most noted magazines, in which she can be photographed at any given moment, Alt spoke of  “moving toward simplicity”

“well first of all I don’t like idea with coming up with looks at all. Creating looks for fashion week makes me really anxious. It comes from the whole circus around the shows. Having people photograph you is not something I’m very comfortable with” EA (Garance Doré)

“…at the same time you don’t want……..well today at my age (48) to look like a fashion victim you know! I think I want to be rather discreet, to blend in with the crowd as much as possible.” EA (Garance Doré)

With age comes wisdom and most of us experience some kind of sartorial evolution whether continually moving with the trends or realizing its time to take stock and stick with a tried and tested classic style. Either way its a personal choice but perhaps not one that we need to express to the world every single day!

For more on the Emmanuelle Alt interview check out Garance Doré’s wonderful blog here.


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4 comments on “Sartorial Simplicity!

  1. Hi Christine,
    I finally had time to read your blog! You are so right on every time and I enjoy your philosophy as well as your knowledge of this whole fashion business.

  2. Spot on Mrs L, love the understated style of Emmanuel Alt, so much more ’empowering’!

    • Absolutely! I certainly have more respect for Alts opinion than the privileged few who constantly self promote via social media. I very much appreciate your comment! x

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