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Scenes of Style is a platform that promotes positive imagery for women of all ages while addressing common style dilemma’s we all face.  Having spent many years in fashion retail I developed a universal understanding of what most women want from their wardrobes. I believe in the less is more approach;  a basic foundation of quality essentials and select trend pieces for functionality.

Equally I like to promote lifestyle choices.  If  I meet someone who inspires I feature them. Should I discover a great find for the home or an amazing beauty hack, you will be the first to know.  Films (especially the independents), books that captivate and travel locations are all up for discussion.

I continue to enjoy hearing the opinions of others. Should any of my posts resonate or inspire your own fashion choices the biggest compliment you can give is to post a comment. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: There are no longer any affiliate links on this website which means I don’t get paid for the products I promote. Apart from Pinterest I do not engage with Social Media nor do I have aspirations to.



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8 comments on “About Scenes of Style

  1. Christine,

    BEAUTIFUL! These features where you showcase your own outfits are always loved! Thank you for the earlier review on your favorite black booties, I continue to get so much inspiration from Scenes of Style!

    Happy 2nd anniversary!

  2. This is cool, inspiring and so informative!….I really appreciate the time and effort that you go to, keeping us all up to date with fashion. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable and completely takes the stress out of shopping!!…Thank you, Thank you!!

    • Thanks as always Rachael! Comments are always welcome on this site and both you and Monica have been brilliant at offering encouraging and often insightful feedback. Thank you!

  3. Chris,
    The first time I met you (over 20 years ago) you were wearing a classical cream mac which was way out of my fashion radar. I thought then “this girl’s got style” . You continue to be one of the most chic, beautiful and inspirational girls that I know. Thanks for giving me your personal insight and honesty into the fashion world and for ‘keeping it real’ for fashion lovers like me. P x

    • I remember that mac……I still love a trench coat to this day! Thanks Polly……you have been the edge to my classic and always manage to pull off effortless style in minutes that takes some women hours to achieve. I believe that our friends and the people we meet throughout our lives are the main influences on our individual style and you have certainly been an influence of mine. Thank you for your fabulous style contributions to this site and for being a true friend throughout these many yearsx

  4. Hi Chris,
    Even though I am a beginning fashionista, you have always encouraged me in my choice of clothing. When I read your blog it gives me ideas that are new as well as confirming my beliefs and ideas that I hang on to. You are so very classy in your choice of design and very literate in your descriptions that everyone who is anyone should read your log and pay attention!

  5. Thank you so much Grace for your lovely review. As you know I try to keep it real and hopefully appeal to all genres of women. I love that you are interested in my thoughts on fashion and look forward to our shopping date when I know we will find some fabulous pieces for you. This said you always look put together and polished and continue to be a source of inspiration to me in how you live your life.

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