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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox by Pauline McIlwraith

“Annie Lennox is definitely somebody who has influenced and inspired my style choices and continues to do so. In this photograph she is wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a fabulous ‘statement’ jacket demonstrating that ‘less is more’. Overall the look is cool, edgy and confident but still feminine.”

McQ Band Jacket $565

“Anybody who knows me will recognise that this is my favourite style and has been for years. Having grown up with three older brothers there was no escaping that during my teenage years (1980s) I was a ‘tomboy’ with no margin for anything too froofroo! Although I do glam up with the occasional frill I always fall back to my ‘Annie’ roots.”  

Hudson Jeans $176

Italian Leather Belt w/ Cross Crest Buckle $109

“My love of Annie was not just her clothes but her hair style, so much so that for many years I also sported a very short cut. My friend Elaine, was a big Debbie Harry fan at the same time and on our girl’s nights out in Edinburgh we used to introduce ourselves as Annie and Debbie.  Not quite the homage to our style idols but good fun! (We now call ourselves ‘Lilac Lil and Minnie’ – Keep guessing!! See more of Paulines style here.                                                                             


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