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Cathy A. Smith

Cathy Smith – Costume Designer

Monticristi ‘Three Point Dress Hat’ “A great hat that is beautifully crafted will last you a lifetime and is certain to give you charm”

Cathy A. Smith by Jennifer Jesse Smith

“The lady in these two photos inspired and nurtured me to have my very own”inspired style” and most of all my own signature style. She happens to be my Mother, C.A. Smith: Artist, Emmy Award winning Costume Designer and Historian of the American West.”

“Above was taken from a feature about her in a 1993 edition of Town and Country magazine and left is as a young women wearing my great grandfather’s hat – my great grandfather raised and broke wild horses for the Cavalry – the photo was taken in Deadwood, South Dakota, also my mothers birthplace…..and yes she can shoot a gun as well!”

Alexander McQueen – ” A perfect cut wool or leather jacket that fits like a glove gives you mojo when you walk into a room”

“As a child I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by luminaries, artists, musicians, historians, actors, film makers, antiquity traders and quite literally cowboys and indians – my signature style is celebrated every day from this list as an artist, designer and love of all things divinely inspired and exquisitely crafted”

“I remember being with my mom in her studio as a little girl, making things along side her. She explained that to be a great artist you had to use the best materials and have absolute integrity with your designs. To this day I work in that style. I guess I took it to the max as Im now using the finest metal and gem stones in my own designs of jewelry.”

JJS Sterling Signature Raven Pendant – “Jewelry that completes your unique and individual style as native peoples wore theirs everyday”

Paul Bond Monarch cowboy boots ” You can never have too many pairs of hand made boots”

“I selected these two photos of my mom because they represent what I love about her quintessential style which is so influenced by legendary figures of the West and how I share many of the same elements in my own signature style!”

Inspirational Style – Cathy A Smith by Scenes of Style

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All photos published with kind                                       permission of Jennifer Jesse Smith



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