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Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling

Artist Rebekah Potter

Charlotte Rampling by Rebekah Potter

“This photo of Charlotte Rampling now serves as my computer’s screen saver, which gives you an idea of how much i love seeing it. The reason being is that it invokes a story immediately. Has she been waiting all day for a long-lost lover? Is she caught somewhere she shouldn’t be?”

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     “I sense a certain self-awareness in her that i admire. She is both exuding the masculine, in her hat and vest, and yet something so very feminine in her gaze. Her presence is initially commanding but simultaneously there exists a hint of something vulnerable and soft lurking behind her more masculine facade. This duality is the major reason i so appreciate this photo, for it shows the range our appearances can have and thus the range of our being……In a nutshell this photo shows how complicated and mysterious we are as creatures and how the expression of ourselves through fashion adds to the stories of who we are.” RP at

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