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Frances Cadora

I’m not really the kind of person who thinks about fashion and style….I just know what I like and happen to be able make really beautiful jewelry. I am a very down to earth person and whatever my style is, is a reflection of how I live my life……striving to always be authentic. I think my jewelry style is reflective of this as well.

I love to look at what other designers are doing but I don’t feel the need to look at their work for inspiration. When I’m thinking about my own work, I’m working and existing in the moment and I may change my idea on a whim. I start out with an idea in mind but I may find that it is not working so well so I will completely change that idea. Of course this only applies to some things. A lot of what I do is simple and then I’m only thinking of design principles and what looks interesting to me.

I don’t really think of myself as a person of style…. I just do what I do and know what I like. It (my style) has certainly matured and evolved over the years and when I think back to my youth, I realize how making jewelry for a living has given me a confidence I never had….I think age and experience have given me an eye for what works visually.

I don’t buy jewelry…..I only wear what I make. I see a lot of beautiful jewelry but always think “I can make that” and make it my own. I love to make myself a new piece of jewelry before I go out to a party. I will take things apart and make it look fresh to my own eyes.  I think if I bought jewelry I would end up taking it apart and making it into something new.

Its great to be able to make a fresh whatever-I-want. I love the pressure of an occasion out and having a few hours to make a real statement piece. I like that I have to make quick decisions and work with whatever incomplete pieces might be sitting on my desk, waiting for me to create something that would really look great with what I am wearing.

I have no real preference for brands and labels. There are so many and I love to mix everything up. I love vintage with new, a well constructed jacket, Target tanks with a great jean. I know what looks good on my body. If I’m in doubt, I go ask my 9 year old daugher. She is honest about whether it suits me or not and should go back to the rack…..she has a great sense of style already.

I love to add little accents of color. I like to buy things I will wear for years and love to find a deal although will splurge once in a while. My closet is rather small I might say…..I like to make the most of what I have and can have.

I do look online but I prefer to shop in stores such as Anthropologie which I love. I really enjoy the whole experience of shopping….the smells, the sounds and the people. Mostly I prefer shopping in a store because I am a very tactile person and want to touch what I am looking at.

When I go shopping I scan the whole rack for what really stands out and has texture and color. I never really look at who made it. But I can typically pick designers with an eye for great detail.

Great Jewelry really makes an outfit and should be worn with every outfit. That includes yoga pants, running shorts, tanks, shorts and flip flops or a beautiful dress.

I only have one hat! Its a Still Life, handmade in New York….. I prefer handmade over anything mass produced.  I didn’t even know I liked hats until my dear friend gave it to me. What I love about this hat is the construction details which are really appealing to the senses. Small details are the difference between great and mediocre.

My friends and I all seem to have our own style and it is not something we really talk about. A lot of our time is spent running, or having coffee after running or yoga. We’re not looking our most fashionable at that moment! (LOL). I asked my friend and running partner, Susan Hyatt, what she would say about my style; Her 3 words were… clean, modern and fresh!

I often say “just do it and do it right”. I think that gets a little annoying to anyone that hears me say it out loud but I believe things should be done to the best of our abilities……even the smallest detail matters.

I believe you should be true to yourself and your beliefs. I have found taking care of myself spirtually and physically helps me be my best self. I live by remembering what really matters in life, family and friends, living in the moment and being grateful for all those gifts and to thank God for them. I have been very blessed to be able to make jewelry and beautiful things. I really love what I get to do. More on Frances here.

Images used with kind permission of Frances Cadora. Jewelry designs by Frances Cadora and available at



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5 comments on “Frances Cadora

  1. Love, love, love the jewellery Frances is designing, the gold bangles being top of my list! Simple yet special, I could easily wear it all! Great feature Christine I will be checking out the web site!

    • Thanks so much Caroline. I love the bangles too…….and check out the silver cuff on Frances website….she is super talented!

  2. Christine you have a gift for finding the true essence of both the style and feeling…of yet another talented
    artist, that is making the world rich in beauty, depth and the proof that products made by hand and heart still have the most lasting and satisfying relevance!

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