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Kates Signature Confidence!

December 31st, 2011 by

  I feel it is only fitting that the last feature of 2011 is about Kate Middleton whose sartorial choices have simultaneously received such mass criticism and acclaim. To think – every one of her outfits, often chosen without the advise of a stylist, is photographed then scrutinized in minute detail – it is enough […]


Casual Style On Sale

December 29th, 2011 by

With the fashion season in full swing you will have by now determined which pieces have become your seasonal arsenal – the outfit you go to which ticks the box of comfort yet demonstrates some style savvy! Key to keeping casual looking fresh is in the accessories and I can’t advocate enough the benefit of […]


Investment Style on Sale!

December 22nd, 2011 by

Statistically the average woman in the UK throws away £10,000 (approx $16000) worth of clothes bought but never worn and I would hazard a bet that most of those clothes were purchased in a sale.  Sales make us throw caution to the wind, encourage us to buy more than we need, indeed entice us to […]


Gift Ideas – Made in The United Kingdom!

December 12th, 2011 by

This year I have become a more discerning shopper and have made a concerted effort to source my style from designers/retailers who manufacture in the UK and USA.  I have always veered to quality and positively go weak at the knees over exquisite designer creations but lately I am much more concerned with where my […]


Scenes of Style Xmas Gift Ideas…….Made in The USA

December 5th, 2011 by

  Yet another festive season is looming with decisions to be made about where to spend Christmas, what to eat at Christmas and most importantly what to buy for Christmas.  I am, by my own admission, the hardest person to buy gifts for………”you are so particular” or “you have such expensive taste” are generally the […]

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